Emerging Design Talents 2023

Emerging Design Talents (EDT) organised by the Hong Kong Design Institute, will start from June 2023. EDT is a platform for young and talented designers to showcase their innovative thinking and creative flair. On this EDT website, we will showcase and celebrate the achievements of our graduates across 30 Higher Diploma, Bachelor’s degrees, Diploma ofVocational Education, Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate, and Diploma of Foundation Studies programmes covering areas of Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design, Digital Media, Fashion and Image Design, and Jewellery Arts and Design. In addition, this website will feature our activities about Industry Collaboration and Advanced Design Studio projects. If you are an employer looking for design talents, please visit the Graduate Directory.


Combined with heritage conservation, technology, changing lifestyles, and the use of design for sustainable development, the rebound of Hong Kong is fascinating. Embrace is inclusive and focuses on the reset, revamp, and reimagination of the interrelations of design to an object, society, technology and culture with impact. It leads designers to re-conceptualise their priorities: products, spaces, design, materials and culture with their actual needs and functions. This year’s EDT will showcase young designers’ creations and let us embrace the latest design trends.


We collaborate with the following organisations to deliver our top-up degree programmes.

About HKDI

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), as one of the member institutions under the VTC Group, is one of the most influential design institutions in Hong Kong. It provides high-quality education to cultivate knowledge and professionalism, nurturing design talents to support Hong Kong’s creative industry development.